Power and tension springs
from Haller-Jauch

Our origins lie in the watchmaking industry, as so often the case here in the Black Forest. Having experienced a renaissance in recent years, the watch industry is an important sector in which power springs and tension springs from HALLER-JAUCH are in demand. In addition, our solutions have become an indispensable part of numerous industrial applications.

Over the decades, we have perfected our expertise in the design and production of power and tension springs. But we still remain fascinated by the magical power that our small and large powerhouses can unleash.

Power springs and tension springs from HALLER-JAUCH stand for strength and durability – and for a wide range of possible applications. The production process is based on decades of experience and technological processes that we have developed and perfected over the years.


"It wouldn't be smart if we gave away all of our secrets. But we can say this much: during the production of our power and tension springs, we at HALLER-JAUCH have acquired very special skills that make our products even stronger and more durable."

Matthias Werner

Power or tension springs?

One product, many terms: to this day, there is still no single, clear term that describes what we at HALLER-JAUCH are really good at: some say power springs, others say tension springs. With respect to specific areas of application there are additional terms such as:

  • Band springs
  • Return springs
  • Gramophone springs
  • Special springs


As part of our solutions for the watch industry, there are also very special types of springs such as metal pendulum springs, plastic pendulum springs, annual clock rotating pendulum springs and others. Your will find a detailed description in our catalogue.

Our spring assembly lines

Spring assembly lines
Number of springs each day
Tons of raw material stock
Square metres of production & storage space
Active customer items

Where are Haller-Jauch tension springs and power springs used?

Our solutions in the field of power and tension springs are mostly used as drive elements or for resetting and retracting, for example in cable reels, seat belts, balancers, roller blind drives, measuring tapes, dog leashes, cable pulls and much more.

We supply a wide range of industries:

  • Automotive
  • Electrical engineering
  • Precision mechanics
  • Building technology
  • Consumer goods & food
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Medical technology

What is special about Haller-Jauch power springs and tension springs?

With our knowledge and know-how from over 70 years of power spring manufacturing, we at HALLER-JAUCH are the perfect partner for power and tension springs in a wide range of industries. Our devices and machines have been consistently optimised over decades and are the perfect solution for the fast and flexible production of medium to small quantities.

With a vast stock of raw materials with over 800 different dimensions, we are able to produce springs on very short notice and with great flexibility. We determine the service life and the torque of the springs at measuring stations specifically designed for this purpose.

It is not uncommon that our springs also fulfil important safety-related functions: this makes it even more important to have the highest product quality on which to rely. For the production of our tension and power springs, we rely exclusively on so-called textured steel: textured carbon steel, which is characterised by its very high resistance to breakage. For the winding of our springs, we at HALLER-JAUCH rely on specific, in-house designed special machines and ground-breaking technological production processes, which we have continuously optimised over the decades.

An overview of the performance range of our power and tension springs:


1.8 – 100 MM


0,05 – 3,0 MM

Up to 30

Working rotations


Martensitic spring band steels,
textured carbon steels,
stainless steel

Service life

Very high depending on the design

Maximum precision: micro-turned parts from Haller-Jauch

Being one of the greatest but at the same time being the smallest, has been our philosophy for years. Today, like hardly any other company, the name HALLER-JAUCH stands for comprehensive know-how, expertise and performance in the field of producing micro-turned parts.