Two business units.
One quality standard.

Some would call it risk minimisation. At HALLER-JAUCH, we see it as maximising our opportunities: Our business success is not built on just one, but on several cornerstones. First of all, we are one of the leading manufacturers of complex micro-turned parts: parts so small that they can hardly be seen with the human eye. This is not only fascinating, but also technologically very demanding.

Second, we have made a name for ourselves in the field of producing power and tension springs: from small to large, we offer a wide range of high-performance solutions for a wide range of applications.

What both business units at HALLER-JAUCH have in common is the commitment to not only provide high-quality products for our customers but most importantly, to have an open ear for their concerns and to be there when it counts. Just as it should be for a family business with over 100 years of history. Don’t you agree?

Haller Jauch Schriftzug Glastür
Matthias Werner, Managing Director

Tradition and values

Our company is located in Schwenningen, right in the middle of one of southern Germany’s industrial centres. At HALLER-JAUCH, we come from a tradition of watchmaking in the Black Forest.
For us, this means not only a legacy of technology that we continue in the present and take into the future in various ways but also a commitment in terms of attitude and values: which is why we see ourselves as a respectable company. We stand for integrity and we operate in the same way. Agreements are kept, you can rely on our word. Since 1919. Sounds pretty modern, doesn’t it?

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Micro turned parts
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The world of springs

The heads behind
Haller-Jauch – micro-turned parts

Johannes Noack

Internal sales & project management

+49 7720 9718-0

Christian Limberger

Head of internal sales & materials management

+49 7720 9718-0

Dennis Jakob

Quality / sales manager

+49 7720 9718-0

Andreas Hummel

Assistant production manager

+49 7720 9718-0

Diana Bones-Loibl

Finance / Human Resources Department

+49 7720 9718-0

Anna Edinger

Shipping / receipt of goods

+49 7720 9718-0

The heads behind
Haller-Jauch – spring technology

Uwe Dickscheid

Business unit manager spring technology

+49 7725 494970

Thomas Schrenk

Development / QA spring technology

+49 7725 494970

Elke Langenegger


+49 7725 494970