Micro-turned parts
from Haller-Jauch

Being one of the greatest but at the same time being the smallest, has been our philosophy for years. Today, like hardly any other company, the name HALLER-JAUCH stands for comprehensive know-how, expertise and performance in the field of producing micro-turned parts.

With these smallest-turned parts, we are a sought-after partner in many cutting-edge industries, such as electrical engineering or the automotive sector. It is not presumptuous to say: what we produce at our company headquarters in Schwenningen is something that not everyone can do.

We combine a high technological standard with the added value of engineering expertise and personal advice. Do you have special requirements for your micro-turned parts? Let’s talk about it. Do you need a fast and efficient solution? Let’s find it together.

"From a technological perspective, the production of turned parts in these extremely small dimensions is a very demanding task. We at HALLER-JAUCH have learned this skill to perfection".

Matthias Werner
Managing Director

Our micro-turned parts production

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Thousands of turned parts each day
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Which machines does Haller-Jauch use to produce its micro-turned parts?

Turning machines and systems specially designed for this purpose are required for the production of micro-turned parts. To put it simply: it takes more than just a down-adjustment to the smallest size on conventional turning machines to achieve this. At HALLER-JAUCH, we rely on ESCO turning machines for the production of our smallest-turned parts.

What is true for the equipment is also true for the qualifications of our employees: with the name HALLER-JAUCH, you are relying on specialists who have been specifically trained for the production of micro-turned parts and who have mastered their craft to perfection. This is how we meet our customers’ requirements with precision, efficiency and in the shortest possible time.

Micro-turned parts as a special form of turned parts

The term micro-turned parts refers to a special segment in the field of turned parts. These are generally workpieces made of metal or non-ferrous metal (or also special materials or plastic) that are produced by turning: a machining production process in which the material (e.g. metal rod products) is rotated in a turning machine. A turning chisel cuts the material thereby creating its individual shape and contour. This form of production is associated with machining technology and differs from manufacturing processes such as cold forming.

The specific prefix micro in micro turned parts (from the Greek mikrós “small”, “narrow”) makes it clear that we are dealing with particularly small, filigree turned parts. As a manufacturer, the HALLER-JAUCH company has specialised in such micro-turned parts.

When do we speak of micro-turned parts?

In general, turned parts can be assigned to different categories depending on their diameter and size. In very broad terms, these are:

Large parts

L ≥ 800 mm
Ø ≥ 350 mm
Mass ≥ 25 kg

Medium size parts

L ≥ 100 mm und ≤ 1.000 mm
Ø ≥ 15 mm und ≤ 400 mm
Mass ≤ 30 kg

Small parts

L ≤ 120 mm
Ø ≤ 20 mm
Mass ≤ 1 kg

The term precision turned parts is also frequently used in the area of medium and smaller sizes (to a lesser extent also fine-turned parts), whereby this also refers to a complexity of the contours and shape geometries. However, there are no uniform criteria, i.e. overlapping is possible. Micro-turned parts represent a sub-category of small-turned parts, or they are the smallest possible category of small-turned parts. This means: there are no smaller turned parts than micro-turned parts.

Micro-turned parts versus smallest-turned parts - what is the difference?

The terms micro-turned parts and smallest-turned parts basically have the same meaning, i.e. there is no difference between the terms. We at HALLER-JAUCH also use the two terms synonymously, although the term micro-turned parts has gained acceptance among our customers in day-to-day business.

How small can Haller-Jauch produce micro-turned parts?

We have been able to optimise our manufacturing expertise continuously through decades of experience producing complex filigree turned parts in the smallest possible sizes. This means that aside from us almost no other company can produce micro-turned parts as small as we can.

At HALLER-JAUCH we are able to design micro-turned parts with the following dimensions:


From 0,2 MM
to 5,0 MM


From 0 MM
to 500 MM

This reaches the limits of what can be seen with the human eye.

Which material is used for Haller-Jauch micro-turned parts?

At HALLER-JAUCH, we always manufacture our micro-turned parts according to customer requirements. This also applies to the selection of the material from which the smallest-turned parts are made.

We use the following materials for the production of micro-turned parts:
  • all common steels and non-ferrous metals (e.g. copper, aluminum, zinc, bronze, brass)
  • Titanium in grades 1 to 4
HALLER-JAUCH specialises in the manufacture of the smallest-turned parts made of stainless high-alloy steels:
  • 1.4301
  • 1.4305
  • 1.4310
  • etc.

The selection of the respective material always depends on the customer’s desired area of application. The HALLER-JAUCH team will be happy to assist you as an experienced design partner.

Where are Haller-Jauch micro-turned parts used?

As an experienced manufacturer of a wide variety of high-quality smallest-turned parts, HALLER-JAUCH has been a sought-after partner and reliable system supplier in a wide range of industries for many years. There are practically no limits to the areas of application for our micro-turned parts: our micro-turned parts can play an important role wherever reliable performance is required in small, very small and extremely small areas of application.

Micro-turned parts from HALLER-JAUCH are in demand, for example, in:

  • the automotive industry
  • the electronics industry
  • the watch industry
  • precision engineering
  • medical technology
  • etc.

Are there special finishing processes for micro-turned parts?

Given the very small size of micro-turned parts, most of the classic metal finishing processes are not ideal for use on smallest-turned parts.

At HALLER-JAUCH, we rely on vibratory finishing for our manufactured products. This process offers numerous advantages, it is precise, automated and very clean. The micro-turned parts produced are completely free of impurities due to the vibratory finishing method. This means they can be used in conveying and feeding equipment without further treatment.

With vibratory finishing we achieve:

  • Burr-free parts
  • Surface area: Ra to 0,05; Rz up to 0,5
  • Cleaning

Request a sample box and brochure and find out for yourself

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