Can you produce
big and small at the same time?

We at HALLER-JAUCH can do just that, and do it well: we have grown continuously in our over 100-year history but at the same time have become increasingly smaller.

Do you think that is a contradiction? For us at HALLER-JAUCH, it is one of our most important design objectives. As a specialist in the design, development and manufacture of micro-turned parts, we strive to reach ever smaller dimensions. That is what we have been working on successfully for decades. And that’s why we’ve been growing since 1919 – every day a little bit more.

We were founded in 1919 by Johann Haller and his wife. Not only did Mr Haller and Mrs Jauch get married, but they also started a business: HALLER-JAUCH.

Our origins lie in the production of mechanical components for the watch industry in our home region. The essence of our work is not only the precision production of very filigree parts but also our commitment to remaining in step with the times – keeping pace with the future: today we are one of the leading specialists in the field of micro-turned parts.

This is what production
looked like 100 years ago

Historie Maschine
Historie Maschinen
Historie Werkbank
Historical lathes
Historie Maschine Rad

Production at Haller-Jauch today

Have you ever tried to tie your shoes with mittens…? We at HALLER-JAUCH have always believed: if you really want to get things done, you need the right tools. This applies to our power and tension springs, but especially to our micro-turned parts. At Haller-Jauch we rely on a whole range of high-performance lathes which are specially designed for our requirements as well as on qualified and trained personnel: these are real professionals who have perfect command of our systems.