A green future -
we're working to secure it.

Sustainability, climate protection and the conservation of our resources are issues that concern us all. For us at HALLER-JAUCH, sustainability is more than just a concept – it’s a comprehensive philosophy. We believe that this is also related to the awareness that each of us can contribute to major improvements even on a small scale, for example through the sustainable use of water, avoiding unnecessary waste and much more.

When we talk about sustainability, we are talking about an ongoing process. At HALLER-JAUCH, we have implemented a wide range of measures in recent years to make our energy generation and consumption more sustainable and to make processes cleaner and more efficient. These include, for example:

The installation of a compressor system with heat recovery at our headquarters in Schwenningen.

Our administrative complex was built using low-energy construction methods, and the heating/ventilation system is equipped with heat recovery.

Installation of a combined heat and power unit (CHP). We use the electricity generated by the CHP unit entirely for the operation of our lathes thereby focusing on maximum energy efficiency.

Use of a photovoltaic system since 2020.

Use of an oil mist extraction system on our 65 lathes: the extracted air containing oil is cleaned by a filter system, the oil filtered out in this way is processed in a centrifuge and reused.

The oil is removed from cleaning rags and turning chips with a centrifuge. Then the oil is also reused.

In addition, a PV system is installed in our plant in Peterzell. The heating system works by recovering heat from the exhaust air.

Use of energy-saving LED lighting with the installation of other intelligent solutions for energy reduction (e.g. motion detectors).

These are all building blocks that we at HALLER-JAUCH are continuously expanding: as we continue to work towards our common goal of sustainable and successful economic activity.